Here's what my students say about my work

Our daughter has been studying saxophone with Jason for over a year now and her progress has been truly astonishing. Jason’s rare combination of rigor with an easy-going sense of humor have helped her master a wide range of music types and expression. His enthusiasm for the world of music and enormous generosity of spirit are an inspiration.


mother of young student

When I play my horn with Jason and the Cats (on the CD), it makes me feel good that I can really make music!


11 year-old student

“As an adult student Jason has made learning a fun and rewarding experience. In just a few short months I moved from never touching a saxophone to being able to play some songs with a tone my family can tolerate.

Lessons are a great mix of theory, playing tunes and discussing music in general. One of the most enjoyable parts is Jason’s active participation in the lesson as he plays right along with the student. This has helped me in many ways including being able to better hear the music, feel the rhythm and train my ear.

If you have been thinking of taking saxophone lessons and want to excel quickly, Jason is your guy. Not to mention he is fun to hang out with and hear stories of his music.”


I listen to my son play the tenor sax daily. The progress he has made in seven months is truly amazing. I am looking forward to continuing his lessons and listening to him grow musically. Jason seems the perfect match for my son. He blends music theory with scales and still has time to improvise. What could be better?


Logan's dad

“Hello, my name is Chris and I got a tenor saxophone a few days ago. I am in 6th grade middle school and I normally play a baritone horn or piano. Since I enjoy music a lot, I decided to try playing some new instruments. The tenor sax is one of them. Because I am playing the baritone horn in the band, I will not be able to take lessons for my sax until the summer. But, it is a 2 months away from the summer and I wanted to start playing it now when I found your tutorials on youtube. I started watching a few and i learned how to put my saxophone together along with a bunch of other helpful info. So, I just wanted to send you this email to say that your videos are very helpful and I want to thank you for helping getting me started.”

Chris, you go with your bad self! -Jason