I was trying to figure out how to address improvisation that matched the way it always comes to my mind. The best way to describe it is rhythmic, off beat syncopated phrasing. Not at all a vertical endeavor, but more horizontal. Let me decipher what I’m talking about. When I talk about vertical playing think Coltrane, Sonny Stitt, or Johnny Griffin. When I talk of horizontal playing I think of cats like David “Fathead” Newman and “Pres”, Lester Young, or playing with a more melodic, less busy structure. So I came up with a way to work on that melodic structure utilizing an offbeat syncopation feel, as well as coming up with a method that  helped me work on hard keys signatures like Db, F#, B… Because, oh my saxophone playing brothers and sisters, if you play at blues jams or in garage band situations, you will HAVE to learn to play in those crazy keys! So the 1234 Improvisation Method for Saxophone can and will help you to achieve your goals in a sane manner. I am posting some basic videos about the method, but to really learn what this method can do for you and to get the music for it you have to contact me.

Here is an idea 0f what the 1234 Improvisation Method for Saxophone is all about. This video deals with clapping, counting, and offbeat syncopation. Enjoy!