Saxophone Lessons Online

Learn to play saxophone online via the Internet
You want to study the saxophone. You live in a town that doesn’t have many sax teachers. Or you just want to turn on the computer and study in the privacy of your own home. Look no further, because I can help you design a curriculum that will work for you in the privacy of your own home using Zoom. All you need is a computer, a webcam, and an internet connection. It’s easy!

Don’t just buy a book and try to learn on your own. Get experienced coaching! I have spaces available to accept new beginning, intermediate and advanced students for soprano, alto, and tenor saxophone lessons. Parents, this is a great time to get your band-playing children the extra edge they need in music by providing them private lessons.

Adults, if you have had the desire to learn the saxophone, I teach a number of adult students and can tailor the lesson to suit your needs and aspirations. I can also find competitively-priced saxophones that you can buy if you don’t have one.

I teach all styles, from coaching traditional band/wind ensemble literature to traditional, bebop and other jazz (as well as improvisation), and even classical saxophone literature. I provide each of my students with a password protected webpage to track lesson curriculum and online lesson videos.

I also give you plenty of extra videos to view and access to my paid content for free when you take lessons with me.

Click here to see my rates and to sign up.  And read some testimonials!

I can even help find you an instrument, new or used. I am a featured educator with RS Berkeley Instruments and can help with a well priced, well-made new horn, or consult on a used instrument. I am committed to your success. What are you waiting for? Let’s make some noise!