Proud Endorser of RS Berkeley Horns!

I am proud to endorse RS Berkeley Horns. This horn is unbelievably well made and well priced. I have been using the AS-502 student model both to teach and to gig. My comments about this horn; “This horn is like a tank! It is well made and unbelievably responsive for a student horn. From Bach to Funk to the Sunday church gig I get all of the sounds I am reaching for. And the price is amazing. This is an entry level horn that a student musician can use beyond the point that other student models fail to deliver versatility and responsiveness. I love this horn and this company’s commitment to affordable excellence.”

Check out my video review-

RS Berkeley has been around for ten years now. So check out my video saying congratulations on putting out a quality product. Here is a link to their Facebook page, a link to their Youtube page, and website. And here is a list of the artists who endorse RS Berkeley Musical Instruments.

Here is the congratulations video I made-