Are you having trouble learning to improvise on the saxophone?

I have found a way to turn one major scale into multiple scales using the modes. Honestly though, it wasn’t me; it was the ancient Greeks who came up with it. But understanding modal scales and how they work for saxophone improvisation is important.

And it is easy to get to a place with these modal scales that enhance understanding of intervals, scale degrees, major and minor sounds, and alternative minor scalar movement. These are a must for any practitioner of the alto, tenor, soprano, or baritone saxophone.

I use this method with my students all the time, and we’re getting great results and leaps of improvement in improvisation skills. Let’s face it: every saxophone player needs to know how to improvise. American music is all built on a foundation of improvisation, and so much of it includes the saxophone!

My video below explains what’s in my method book, “Mode Studies in All Keys for Saxophone.”

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