Jason’s Personal Practice Blog

Hello fellow sax players!

I have been playing for a long time. But it was only recently that I began to really challenge myself with harder keys like F#, Db(C#), Ab, B… you get the idea. So I have decided to share with you what I am going to spend the next 6 months of daily practice doing. Some days it may only be a half hour, other days 3 hours. But I have a theory about practice. It is that if you spend 6 months playing things every practice they will make it into your fingers and out on a gig. I am a lucky guy in that I have my own band and I can direct the keys we play in. but not everyone has that luxury. So here is the journey I am going to take. I hope this helps!


  • Thirds, all keys, BPM 152
  • Major Arpeggios, all keys, 175
  • Viola Vol1 #131-135 Varying BPM
  • Dominant 7 cycles- 190
  • Diminished Patterns

C- 260
C#- 200
D- 210

  • Two Octave Modes all keys- 220
  • 1234 Method


  • Foundation Studies Book

B- PP37- 39

That’s it for today!


Not as much time today, so I need to think a little bit about the pickup gig I am playing on Friday. Its a blues gig, but I figure that there will be some interesting keys. I will concentrate on EMaj, BMaj, AMaj, and use my Band in a Box to play a little in those keys. Here we go!

  • Long Tones
  • 1234 in F#, Db, and B.
  • Chord Variations- 150 BPM
  • Dominant 7 cycles- 200
  • Diminished Patterns

C- 270
C#- 210
D- 220

  • Modes- all keys- 230

That’s it for today! Make it even, make it count!