04th Nov2014

RIP JT. A few words about Denver bassist Jimmy Trujillo.

RIP JT. A few words about Denver bassist Jimmy Trujillo. Last week Denver area bassist Jimmy Trujillo passed away due to a heart attack. I met J.T....

16th Oct2013

Let the cats that can play help you with saxophone improvisation!

When I was a kid, I would put on Verve jazz records my Dad had and try to play along with the greats; Oscar Peterson, Wes Montgomery,...

09th Oct2013

Center, Play, Absorb, Move On. Developing a saxophone practice routine!

I have been fielding a number of questions recently about learning to improvise. Folks have been telling me various stories about how, what, and why they want...

20th Apr2013

Chapter 1 of “Modes for Fun and Profit!”

This is the first chapter of my new technique book "Modes for Fun and Profit!" My goal is to expand your understanding of scale/modal/chordal structure and increase flexibility in your playing.

18th Aug2012
Gumbo 1

Gumbo le Funque Calendar

Come see the Funky-Dangerous sounds of the Big Easy with Gumbo le Funque. Here is where you can check out a show!

18th Aug2012
Logo updated (640x497)

Congratulations RS Berkeley Musical Instruments on 10 Years!

One of the big honors I have had in my career is the association I have with RS Berkeley Musical Instruments. As they celebrate ten years in the industry, here is a little video I put together for the occasion!

04th Nov2011
Overtones (octave) Warm-ups for Saxophone

Overtones (octave) Warm-ups for Saxophone

This exercise will help get your saxophone  chops together in a hurry! Great for your embouchure, great for overall control. This is also the entryway to overtone and altissimo (above...

04th Nov2011
Blues Scales for Saxophone

Blues Scales for Saxophone

Lets talk about the blues scale. For the saxophone player, a very important tool. And when used in the right places, a very hip sounding tool. I...